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GA FPSP offers virtual or on-site coach training with flexible scheduling in the 6-step creative problem solving process (including an introduction to FPS), Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, and Scenario Writing/Performance.  Cost of virtual training is $25 per person per session; more for on-site depending on location.  Contact Affiliate Director, Argen Hicks, at to arrange a time for your training!

Examples of training contents are below.


Creative Problem Solving: For those completely new to FPS or with a bare minimum of knowledge about FPS.  Learn the six-step creative problem solving process.  See how this process as well as critical and creative thinking tools can be applied in the classroom and with Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, and Action-based Problem Solving/Novice.  


Global Issues: In-depth training for leading students to participate in the competitive Global Issues Problem Solving component.

Community Problem Solving: Includes how to introduce a Community project to students, how to manage the student work, and what the requirements are for submitting the project for competition.

Scenario:  How to facilitate scenario writing with students.

For Global Issues and Community Problem Solving, participating first in the creative problem solving process training is recommended.

There are always ways to introduce your students to the critical and creative thinking skills that make FPS such a vital program.  Contact Argen Hicks for more information.

GA FPSP is always looking for new evaluators.

Contact Argen Hicks at to learn how to become an FPS evaluator.

Become a better coach by evaluating!

Lead students to better writing and improved critical and creative thinking skills by learning to evaluate!

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