Training for new and experienced coaches is offered every fall.

Content of the training varies from year to year, depending on interest.

New coach training for the 2019-20 school year was held on Thursday, August 22, and Friday, August 23, 2019, at the Gwinnett Instructional Service Center in Suwanee.  Examples of training contents are below.


Thursday, August 22:  For those completely new to FPS or with a bare minimum of knowledge about FPS, join us for this day of training!  Learn the six-step creative problem solving process.  See how this process as well as critical and creative thinking tools can be applied in the classroom and with Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, Scenario Writing and Performance, and Action-based Problem Solving/Novice.  

Friday, August 23:

Room #1: In-depth training for leading students to participate in competitive Global Issues Problem Solving.   This training can also be transferred to Action-based Problem Solving/Novice.


Room #2: Community Problem Solving training

Cost for training is $50 per day; $25 for Gwinnett County teachers.





Experienced coaches: If who want further training, contact Argen Hicks at to set up a training for you.  The date and location of training can be arranged to suit participants.

If you were unable to attend our August training, but are still interested in bringing FPS to some students near you, please contact the Affiliate Director of Georgia FPSP, Argen Hicks, at  There are always ways to introduce your students to the critical and creative thinking skills that make FPS such a vital program.  Georgia FPSP has several retired coaches who may be available to come to you for local training.  Fees for this training are set by the trainer and depend on the location and the number of coaches attending the training.


GA FPSP is always looking for new evaluators.

Contact Argen Hicks at to learn how to become an FPS evaluator.

Become a better coach by evaluating!

Lead students to better writing and improved critical and creative thinking skills by learning to evaluate!

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