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Georgia FPSP provides basic instructions and evaluation guidelines for each component when a coach registers. Other instructional materials are available through FPSPI.















Click the link above (or this one https://www.fpspimart.orgto go to the FPSPI mart to find the latest materials for teaching any component of the Future Problem Solving Program.

Materials for the new school year, including the RRR and Topic Activity Units, will be available mid-summer.

FPS lessons are now available on Renzulli Learning!!

Click here and scroll down for a video.




Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc.

2015 Grant Place

Melbourne, Florida 32901

321 768 0074


Check out these excellent new publications from FPSPI.

Click on the link to the FPSPImart to the left.

RRR (Readings, Research, and Resources), is the go-to resource for studying the first four topics of the year, with topic overview, vocabulary, and summaries of topic-related articles.  Available as a download and ready for virtual sharing for a coach with her/his own students.

Into the Future: A Kid's Guide to Scenario Writing.  An easy-to-follow guide that coaches can use, too!

The Topic Activity Units have ready-made lessons for studying each topic and the steps of the FPS process.

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